Sunday, February 1, 2009

Buy a new one!

Oh that Shaggy. She's a funny little girl.

Earlier in the week, Little M accidentally gave Shaggy a fat lip. Around the same time, we did away with the pacifiers. Shaggy's new way to self-soothe and fall asleep is to mess with the dead skin on her lip from the fat lip. She already picks on her fingers and now this.

Today, I joined Shaggy at nap time. She was fighting her nap so bad and I was hoping she'd relax and fall asleep if I lay down with her. As we lay there, she held her finger up to me and said, "Here Momma. You get it. It's a booger."

Thanks, baby. Thanks.

Then she realized that I have nostrils. She peered at my nose, tilted her head to the side and moved in closer.

"Do YOU have boogers Momma?"
"No baby. Lay down."
"You DO have boogers Momma! You do!!"

She then moved in closer and started to rub my lip. Why my lip?? After rubbing my upper lip, she started tugging on my lower lip.

"Awww! It PINK, Momma!! It PINK!!"

I sure hope so!

"You need to buy a new one, Momma. You need brown."

What the... ????

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momofalltrades said...

Awwww! She's a funny one!