Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby loves her new school

Shaggy started daycare yesterday. I wanted to give her a few days to acclimate before I start work on Monday.

To say that she is enjoying it is quite an understatement! She has jumped right in and is soaking it up. I like to stand outside her door and watch her interacting after I say good bye to her. She is so eager to participate and to be given instructions. This is something I just can't give her at home and I'm so glad she's enjoying "school".

When I pick her up, she is so excited to tell me about her day. I've asked her teacher to send home a list of the childrens' names so I can help her remember them. I've also asked if they have a printed menu so we can talk about her food and lunches. (My girl loves her food and loves to eat so it's always fun to hear what she has to say about it.)

Monday is a holiday; I anticipate some wailing and whining once she learns that there is no school. That's okay though. It just means that she really enjoys school and that makes me happy.

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Running mommy said...

That's great that she loves daycare so much! That way you can go to work with the pleasant certainty she's having a good time.

Perhaps it's good to know that there may come a time when she realizes she has to go every day she may not want to go anymore. My kids went through this phase, once they were all settled in and it wasn't 'new' any more. Just wanted to let you know not to worry if it happens: it's a normal stage, and passes!