Sunday, January 25, 2009

I can't think of a title...

Because I can't stop laughing!!!

We have a really hard time getting Shaggy to stay in bed at night when we put her down. It's like tw0-year-old Whackamole. She gets up at least half a dozen times and there's lots of wailing and screaming involved. It's so frustrating!

So tonight, she got up one more time. Big M stalked/stomped over to her door. She stood there holding her hand up in the air.

Shaggy: Here, Daddy.
Big M: ......
Shaggy: It's a booger.
Big M: ...... Well, thank you, baby........
Shaggy: I don' wanna eat it.
Big M: ...... I don't you to eat it either.
Shaggy: It yucky.

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Leigh said...

LOVE it! Good girl.