Monday, December 15, 2008

My CVS Trip

This has nothing to do with deals, ECBs, coupons or sales.

I took Little M to CVS with me today. When we got there, we saw two K9 cop cars with dogs barking. The entire time we were in the store, I talked to
Little M about K9s, the police, etc. I was trying to be a good mom and use every-day occurrences to teach him a little extra. The cops came in to the store and were standing around waiting to use the picture machine.

While we were standing there, the one cop started chatting
Little M up. I told them that I had been educating my son about their dogs and they liked that.

So I paid for my printer toner, then remembered I needed some copies of the sales fliers. As we were leaving, the one cop asked
Little M if he wanted to see the dogs. We headed out and as I walked through the door, the alarm went off!!!!!!!!

OH THE IRONY!!!!!! Leaving the store with a COP who is doing us a FAVOR and the freakin' ALARM GOES OFF!!!

I. was. mortified.

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