Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Go to sleep you little baby..."

Shaggy has been at her ends lately. Because of Little M's school schedule, I can't put her down for a nap until almost 2pm. For months and months, this has been fine but for some reason, she's changed her schedule and really need to go down for a nap around 11:30 or 12:00. This is problematic because she needs to eat or she won't sleep long enough; and we have to leave to pick Little M up at 1:25 which means I'd have to wake her up from her nap... again... not optimal.

Today was bad. The poor baby was so tired that she just cried and cried. If the wind blew wrong, she'd start sobbing and was inconsolable. It was just pitiful!

We picked Little M up from school and scurried home. I let him watch Dora while I tried to get her to sleep. Normally, I sing Rock A Bye Baby to her at night but that wasn't working (and why are children's lullabies so morbid??). So I started singing one of the verses of the Siren Song from O Brother Where Art Thou?

Go to sleep you little baaaaaabeee
Go to sleep you little baaaaaabeee
Your Momma gone away
But your Daddy gonna stay
Don' need no other but my baaaaaaabeee
It's not exactly the essence of sweet dreams, but it's a soothing melody and it comforts her.

I lay on the bed with her for about ten minutes, repeating the same verse over and over while lightly rubbing my fingers on her forehead. Despite the lyrics of the song, it was a very sweet and tender Mommy-moment.

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Elisa said...

Great lullaby. And great clip!