Sunday, November 30, 2008

A tradition

I'm often surprised at the way traditions are created. For me, they seem to just happen without any planning. My favorite holiday tradition is the family trek to Union Station in DC to participate in the Norwegian Bazaar.

This annual event originally started in a local Lutheran church. It grew and move over to the Union Station train station/mall. Then it grew from a weekend event to a three-day "long weekend" event and is now a month long celebration.

My father and I would amble through the bazaar, looking over all the Norwegian wares. He usually bought a Christmas gift for his mother, who immigrated from Norway to America with her own mother when she was four years old. We always ate a few Krumkake and my dad ate a few of the waffles with lingonberry jam.

It was always a "Dad and me" outting with others accompanying us some years. I haven't been able to attend for the past few years but I'd really like to go again this year.

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