Thursday, October 23, 2008

Uncle!! I GIVE!! UNCLE!!!

I don't know what kind of bad karma I have swirling around me but I'm sick of all of this!

Last night, I threw out my back. Big M had to help me get out the recliner because it hurt too much to try to use my lower back muscles. I cried trying to drive everyone around to their various destinations this morning. I took two anti-spasmodics last night but they didn't help.

WHAT UNIVERSE??? WHAT?? WHAT HAVE I DONE??? WHY??? Haven't I dealt with enough????

So. The kids have Trunk or Treat on Saturday. Guess who hasn't even started making their costumes? Yah. Little M has a class field trip tomorrow. Guess who is supposed to go? And tomorrow night? Yah.. hosting a potluck for some friends who got married last night. Oh, and I'm out of insulin and can't handle the pain to go to the store and try to get more so Big M will have to do that for me tonight.

Absolutely the worst time ever for this to happen. Just the worst.

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