Sunday, August 31, 2008

My personal little shop of horrors

Also known as SEWING TIME!!

I recently purchased a used sewing machine. I then ventured into the fabric store and picked up a cute pajama pattern as well as material for the kids.

You need to understand that sewing scares the .... the... the.... well, it scares the poop outta me. It's very intimidating. I'm not good at spacial relations. It's really hard for me to layout the pattern and then match up the pieces. Add to that the pressure of descending from amazing seamstresses and you'll see me on the verge of a panic attack as I contemplate sewing.

But I really want to do this. I tried when I was a teenager but the lesson lasted about 15 minutes before my mother and I became frustrated and I gave up. But this time, I am determined to conquer this skill!

I laid out my material and pinned the pattern on.

I even had my cute little pin cushion.

My biggest fear was laying out the pattern on the fabric and cutting it out. Once you cut it out, you're committed, ya know? But I got it all laid out properly and commenced with the scissors.

I ran into a few bumps when I started putting it all together though. I ripped out almost every seam I sewed. But I felt like I finally had it under control. I had the inner legs sewn and then did my fast runs down the leg side seams. Yay!

The next step was the waist. The idea is that you roll down the top of the material, press it with an iron, sew it and then run elastic through it to make an elastic waist.

But when I started to turn down the material, I noticed there might be a problem.

Yep, that's a whopping inch and a half for my daughter's booty. Them's some supa low riders for my baby girl!

I cannot stop laughing!!

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Anonymous said...

Hmm...well, uh, hmmm....I think you're going to have to bring everything over here and we'll try again :)