Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The first day of the last year

The final year of school for Big M is about to start. Classes begin on Thursday and our countdown to graduation has begun.

I am so very proud of my husband. He had worked long and hard to keep good grades while working, attending school full time and still finding time to be a daddy and a husband. He has passed up opportunities to hang out with coworkers, to be in a fraternity that could help his career, to do all sorts of things in favor of coming home to his wife and children. At times, we came second with his time, but we were always first priority in his efforts. Finishing school means a future for our family - a career in a stable industry.

Last semester was the hardest of all the semesters for this major (Chemical Engineering). It really worked him and at times he felt defeated. His biggest fear has been failing a critical class that would require him to stay in school for an additional year. But he was able to pass, if not master, amazingly difficult classes. This year is supposed to be a breeze, especially compared to last year.

So, here's to an easy final two semesters of school, to successful job hunting and to finishing your degree in Chemical Engineering, my love. I'm so proud of you that it makes me cry with joy, pride and love.

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