Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Unsubscribe Day!

I am so tired of all the marketing emails I receive (ironic because my forte' is online marketing!). I have designated today as "Unsubscribe Day" and I will unsubscribe from every email list that sends me emails I never click on.

So far, the victims are:

  1. Posh Momma
  2. The Container Store
  3. FastWeb
  4. CafeMom Digest
  5. Willow Lawn (local mall announcements)
  6. Daily Team Manifest (don't even know how I got on this one!)
  8. MomsTown
  10. RitzPix

Go ahead, unsubscribe from unread marketing emails. You won't hurt anyone's feelings and it's actually beneficial to the companies so they have a true reading of their marketing reach. Yes, I did allow my inner-marketer to peek out.... just smile and nod.

I'll be updating my list as the day goes on. Keep track of the email lists you unsub and post them in your blog. Link from here to your blog using the widget below!

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