Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Evidently, it's *not* just like the bathtub

I took the kids to a friend's pool today and had a blast.

Well, *I* had fun. And Little M had fun. Shaggy, however, freaked out big time!

Any time I went too far into the water (translation: off the first step), she would go into a full on panic, screaming, "MOMMA! GET OUT!!! GET OUT MOMMA!!! GET OUT!!!" I don't have a problem with it and working to soothe her, but there are other people there and I'm sure it was disruptive to them.

I tried to explain that it was okay and that I was safe but her little two-year-old brain just couldn't comprehend it at all. After an hour or so, she was okay with me sitting on the top step in the water as long as she could hold my hand.

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