Monday, May 26, 2008

New house rules

I cannot seem to keep on top of the clutter and mess in my house. I'm not particularly motivated to clean - I hate cleaning. Big M is the same way, probably worse because it's like he doesn't even see the things he walks past (or over) that need to be picked up.

My friend Becky encouraged me to get mad about it. So I did. And here's the result... new house rules!
  1. All toys in the living room must be picked up and put away before sitting down to dinner.
  2. Table must be cleared and wiped down after every meal.
  3. Kitchen must be clean before going to bed. NO dishes in the sink. None. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. The adult in charge of bath time must wipe down the toilet w/ Lysol wipes during the bath and must pick up the bathroom.
  5. Little M's room must be picked up and toys put away before bedtime.
These five, simple rules will make it easier for me to be happy. They aren't the only rules I want to implement but they're a good start.

Now, I must bring out my inner drill sergeant to become an enforcer. I hate that part. It won't be fun but it's necessary. I can't live like this anymore! I need some order in my home and I need to know that it's reliable.


lmilla said...

Good for you! Have you posted the rules yet? Do you have Big M's buy-in? Josh is the cleanest one in our house, so all I have to get mad at is me and Elias. All my organizing is my attempt to get something I can stick with!

Anonymous said...

Um, if this works at your house could you please come to MINE? I need a drill sergeant desperately and I'm too tired! LOL


CristyLynn said...

So, how's it going? Have you been able to put the drill sergeant away yet? Hope that things are getting better, you give me hope!