Sunday, April 13, 2008

When chocolate is all that is left to you...

There are days when being a mother is straight out of a June Cleaver script. Not often, but there are idyllic days. Well, moments actually.

But there are also days when I feel like I have Omen 1 and Omen 2 running around my house and they've been possessed by a Tasmanian Devil! Today was one of those days.

Little M was so contrary after his non-nap. Everything I said, whether agreeable to him or not, was met with a loud, screaming whine along with a super shout of "NO!" Then there was the bodily flailing about, while screeching and whining. Nothing met with his approval - even the things he asked for.
"Momma? Watch Thomas? Watch Thomas, Momma?"
"Sure sweetheart. We can watch Thomas."
"You don't want to watch Thomas?"
"Thomas!!! Thomas on tv!!"
Add into this mix of contrariness, my almost-two-year-old daughter who mimics everything her big brother does. At least they duked it out themselves for a bit today.
"Momma, watch Thomas?"
"Lil Einbeins?"
"No. Thomas."
"Lil Einbeins?"
"No. Thomas!"
"Lil Einbein!"
"No! Thomas!"
"Lil Einbein!!!"
By the time I was ready to serve dinner, I just couldn't take anymore of the demanding, the whining, the shouting, the general bad behavior and all around hounding. So I sent Little M upstairs to see Big M. Normally, I'd handle it myself because Big M is always studying for school and that's a huge priority in our house right now. But I really couldn't take anymore. I'd hit my wall of tolerance and I needed a break!

The universe smiled on me because Big M bought some mini peanut butter cups today.

I have been inhaling those suckers every chance I get. The Omens have smelled the chocolate on my breath and have been demanding chocolate but they can't quite figure out where it's coming from.

It's coming from that place of deep, desperate need for tranquility.

So tonight, this mother of two is self-medicating with chocolate. It's all I have left that is utterly mine -- and it might end up being used as a potty training reward even yet. I can't hide, I can't leave, I can't even pee in peace. But I have my damn chocolate.

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