Thursday, April 24, 2008

What a girl!

Shaggy just would not nap today! I finally gave in and went up to get her out of her room. I stood outside her door to listen to her before going in.

"Momma..... Mommaaaaa..... Big mess! Big mess."

The words "big mess" when combined with my daughter alone in her room cannot be good so I scrambled to get the door open.

"Big mess Momma!"

I didn't see any mess - no poop smeared onto the walls, no exploding sippy cups - so I was perplexed.

"Where's the mess sweetie?"
"Righ' heeere!" And she pointed to a wet spot the size of a quarter on her shoulder. I about fell over laughing. A big mess alright. Ha!

But then it got interesting.

"Big mess Momma. New shirt? New shirt? Change shirt?"

How girly is that! Her shirt was a teensy bit wet and needed to be replaced! I love it!

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