Friday, April 18, 2008

Caution: Spontaneously Erupting Children at Play

Two children, a vomit inducing virus and a whole heck of a lot of laundry.

First Little M had the bug and stayed out of school for a day. We had a whole day of no puking and I thought it was over until Shaggy started to erupt during her nap.

Poor baby, she was just covered in vomit for most of yesterday. I couldn't seem to keep up with her. So far, knock on wood, no vomit since around midnight but I keep looking over at her expecting the gurgle, whine, whimper and explosion.

Since becoming a mother, I have learned that I will, without hesitation, hold a slimy, vomit covered child close to me and not give a hoot about getting it on me if it means giving my child comfort. Four years ago, there's no way I'd do anything remotely related to that. Puke is gross and totally makes me gag (ha! I'm so 1984). But these children are the world to me and if cleaning up their puke is part of the job, I'm all in.

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