Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hold Momma hand?

We have been battling night-time wakings with my daughter for several months now. She'll be two in June and should be sleeping through the night no problem -- and has done so wonderfully up until recently.

We're really not sure what is causing her to wake up every night but it is beyond frustrating!! Imagine that you've finally drifted off to sleep and are woken up by someone kicking their bedroom door, continuously. Then they talk and shout and play and bang around for another 45 mins to 3 hours. Yah. Welcome to our world.

She will wake up anywhere between midnight and 2am. Sometimes, she goes right back to sleep but most of the time she doesn't so one of us has to sit up and keep her from waking everyone else up until she falls asleep.

We started going into her room at 11pm, changing her diaper and giving her a fresh sippy cup of diluted juice and it seemed to be helping. She didn't really wake up for the diaper change and slept through the rest of the night. This past week, she slept through the night on her own w/out the diaper change three nights in a row and we thought we were back in the safety zone.. until tonight.

So this frustration and annoyance has been building up for months. Months and months of being awake until 2:00, 3:00 and even 4:00am! And then after a few sweet nights of uninterrupted sleep, she woke up tonight!

As I stomped to her door in a foul mood, you could probably see the steam rising off my head and coming out my nostrils with each breath. If she doesn't go back to sleep right away, I'm selling her to the Gypsies! I thought to myself. Where's that stun gun I keep meaning to order!! I'm givin' this kid back to the circus!

Then as I reached for her doorknob, I heard from the other side of the door, "Hold Momma hand? Where Momma go? Hold Momma hand? Hold Momma hand?"

My heart melted.

I opened the door, swooped my baby girl up into my arms and hugged her tight as I sat on the edge of her little bed and rocked her.

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