Monday, February 4, 2008

I heart Kroger!!

Today at Kroger, I only spent $3.21. But..... Three dollars and twenty one cents bought me....
  • 11 boxes of pizza rolls
  • 1 bag of Flat Earth chips
  • 1 bunch of organic bananas
  • 8 cans of canned, diced tomatoes

Everything except the chips were on sale but I had a free coupon for them.

Tomatoes - BOGO catalinas I've accumulated from Kroger equating to $1.49 off one can when I purchase another. However, the tomatoes were on sale for $1 each.

Pizza rolls - on sale for $1 each. I had a forty cent coupon, which they automatically double to $.80! I bought 11 for $2.20. BUT... If you buy 10 ConAgra items, they take $2 off your total! TWENTY CENTS for easy snacks for my husband!

Bananas - $.50/lb not the best price on bananas but they were actually cheaper than the non-organic.

Total before sales/coupons: $39.07
Total after sales/coupons: $3.21

92% savings!!

1 comment:

momofalltrades said...

Holy crap girlfriend! You are the coupon master. I find the clothing deals, but never can get the coupons to work out like that in the grocery store.