Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Time for the Big Girl Bed?

We waited until Little M was two years old to switch him to his Big Boy Bed. It was a rough transition and we had to put him back in the crib for a few months. Even now, a year later, we have a hard time getting him to stay in bed when it's night-night time. I've often wondered if we should have made the transition earlier.

Bright Eyes is now almost 19 months old and I think it's time to make the switch.

Both of our children used the BabeeTenda crib. Both Big M and I are enthusiastic owners of this product. But this isn't a sale pitch so I'll try to hold back on the fanaticism. Two of the reasons we liked this crib is because it converts to a toddler bed and, as a crib, it has a door that swings open. We thought the door was a neat option and very unique. With both children, we started opening the door and teaching them at about 14 months old to climb in and out through the door. I think this has been key in avoiding the usual tendency to climb out of the crib.

In the past two weeks, I've gone into Bright Eye's room several times to find the door to the crib open but her still in the bed. (I think it just wasn't latched fully and opened when she leaned against it or kicked it.) The good news here is: she was still in the bed!

So tomorrow is Operation Big Girl Bed. I've convinced Big M that it's time to try and that I'd like to tackle this transition before his Spring semester of school starts up. I'd like her to be settled into a routine of the big girl bed before he starts back so that we're both here to trade off napping and getting up in the night as she gets used to the bed. She can open her bedroom door so we'll be putting a babygate outside her door for safety.

I'm excited about this change - a little bit melancholy too though. One more step away from being my baby and becoming a little girl. Exciting and bittersweet all at once.

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