Monday, January 28, 2008

On the radio

I'm part of - an incredibly resource for Richmond area moms. I could write for hours about how much RM has helped me since we moved to Richmond but I won't bore you with all that wishy-washy, emotional rambling.

RichmondMommies is featured on the radio on Mix 103.7 every Monday morning in a segment called "Monday Morning Moms". I am one of the people from RM who get to be on the radio and talk about parenting with callers. It's a blast!

I was on this morning and when I was leaving the house, Little M said, "Momma on radio?" "Yes, sweetie. I'm going to be on the radio again today. You can listen with Daddy, okay?" "My turn on radio? I want radio peeeze."

I thought that was so cute! He has no idea what it means to be on the radio but if MOMMA is doing it, then he needs a turn too!

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