Friday, January 25, 2008

My crafty friends

For so long, I have envied all my crafty friends - for their talent, their ability to see something beautiful in raw materials, their drive to do something creative and simply for having a hobby. I'm so not a hobby person but I wish I were.

So here's a shout out to all my buds who are using their creativity!

Etta Mae - hand carved, exotic wood hair forks (and more). Hello?? HAND CARVED people! She makes amazing hair forks; the wood grain details are just gorgeous!

Polkatots And Whatnots - the ultimate girly boutique! Some of her products were recently featured on Pink with Sparkles. This is my coupon buddy and the friend who is patiently teaching me to sew.

The sweetest knitter ever! Lmilla is a great woman all around and moreover she's a great knitter. Sometimes she cracks me up with the stuff she knits -- like her "sock".

Forbidden Fleece - Just the name makes me giggle! Here's another crazy knitter! Plus she dyes her own yarn! She's always telling me how easy knitting is and that I will surely excel at it if I would only try. Uh huh. Do you see pigs flying yet? LOL

April Scott Clothing - I adore her sewing! She creates beautiful little girl clothes and she's so good at it! I love the sweet but retro vibe her designs have.

The Monkey and Me - Another amazing seamstress! Bright Eyes happily models several outfits from this friend and looks adorable doing so!

I hope I haven't left anyone out, but I'd be happy to pimp you out in a later entry if I did miss you this time around! I promise, it wasn't intentional!

Anyway, I look at all the neat things these women are creating and it inspires me to try new things. Because of these women, I can proudly say I sewed my own cloth diaper wipes! They're lopsided and weird, but I made them. *I* made them!! It's so empowering!

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