Saturday, December 8, 2007

My wants

I feel like I'm floundering right now so a friend suggested I write down my wants without trying to figure out how to get them.

- I want to own my own business
- I want a business that does not require me to carry inventory
- I want to lose weight
- I want to feel more confident about the food I feed my family
- I want to be healthy
- I want to own a home
- I want to support my husband's journey through school as fully as possible
- I want to be more frugal
- I want to find a hobby or craft
- I want a job that gives me flexible hours so I don't have to put both kids in daycare
- I'd really be thrilled if that job was with my church
- I want to be "better read"
- I want to learn to sew
- I want to teach my children to be giving through volunteering
- I want to go whale watching
- I want to learn Norwegian
- I want to travel to Norway
- I want to write my book
- I want to better understand world religions
- I want to be married to Big M till the day we croak
- I want joy

Some of these are easy to do or keep in my life. Some of them are very lofty dreams. But... nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What do you want?


Kendra said...

Whale watching and Norwegian, huh? Now that you've written all of these down it is only a matter of achieving them. You can do it! :)

lmilla said...

I want this baby out of me! ;)

I think this is a great list. Put it on your fridge or something, and I think you'll start working towards it... subconsciously, even. Just seeing this inspires me. Not Norwegian for me, but to even know what the heck I want!