Friday, November 23, 2007

Too Much Consumerism?


"A Little Black Friday Goes A Long Way"

My friend Tara and I were in line at Kohl's at 4am. Yes, 4am folks. That meant I had to get up at 3am to get showered, dressed and out the door.

Our goal: 7" digital photo frames for $50 or less.

Kohl's sold out with in 90 seconds of opening their doors and did not restock. We hit up Sears (only 6 in stock but none could be found on the floor), Joann's (sorry, only Joann SUPER STORES have these), back to Kohl's, Target.... and we hit up Shoe Carnival in there as well.

We finally gave up and settled in for some high carb, high sugar breakfast foods at IHOP.

Around 8pm, I realized I *desperately* needed to purchase tension curtain rods for Bright Eyes' room so out I went. Walmart was on the way to Linens and Things so I pulled in. Sure, I found my curtain rods (less than three bucks each!) but I also found that the Universe was interested in smacking me upside the head.

As I meandered toward the checkout lanes, there in front of me rising up high into the sky like a phoenix stood a very simple and very plain display I might have walked past and never taken notice of. However, this display was home to.... 8" digital photo frames for less than $50.

Can we all say, "D'oh!"

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