Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's tough to have principles

I've been on the "Not Made in China" kick for Christmas this year. I really don't want to support manufacturers who produce toys in China. I think it's one small step I can take as a consumer to show my disapproval of the dangerous recalls coming from Chinese manufactured toys.

Boy is it hard!

I walked through the toy section of Kohl's last week and found ONE toy not made in China. It was the Little Mermaid Megablocks.

Bright Eyes saw the Toys R Us circular with Elmo all over the front. This child *loves* Elmo in a way I can only begin to understand. But there will be no Elmos under our Christmas tree. Elmo is made in China.

So is Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks - one of Little M's favorite shows.

No Handy Manny, no Little Einsteins, no Leap Frog, no Matchbox, no Tonka.

I'm really struggling with sticking to my righteous indignation, er, principles, but knowing that it's at the expense of my children makes it really hard.

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winslow1204 said...

I made the same decision....NO toys from China.. I'll have to write a journal after Friday to see how well I did keeping my bold statements! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!