Friday, September 7, 2007

Beaten down

I am feeling really beaten down by Little M tonight. It was a bad scene with him at the mall play area, food court, and car ride home tonight. Tantrums one after the other, screaming crying, shouting, screeching, yelling, throwing himself down on the ground. And I forgot the stroller at home so I was trying to juggle Bright Eyes and the Tasmanian Devil at the same time.

I had to give him a stern lecture in the car and it broke my heart to see his little chin quivering, his mouth turning down into a deep frown and seeing his face scrunch up as he tried not to cry. I just cannot believe how terrible he was tonight! It's so not like him. He was so, so, so bad.

I know why he was bad - overtired and hungry. He hasn't adjusted to this new schedule with school and he was really tired. He didn't nap long enough, woke up crying and has bad allergies. So, basically, he's miserable and he was hungry.

So I'm spent the entire drive home wondering just how terrible it would be to leave my children in the car while I ran into the ABC store, came straight home, got the kids in bed in record time and am sitting here crying as the adrenaline subsides.

It's been a rough afternoon for both Little M and Momma.

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