Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 14 month old clothes horse

Ugh. We're really in for it.

Bright Eyes is a clothes horse. Already!

I put a cute t-shirt on her the other day. She spent about five minutes trying to pull it out far enough so she could see the design and wording on it.

Today's outfit was subject to much scrutiny once it was finally on her.

And shoes! Oh the shoes! She has her favorite pair of sandals and will frequently bring me the left shoe to put on her. She loves that left shoe and will wear it all over the house even though her right foot is not similarly shod. If I say, "Children, let's put our shoes on," guess who is the first one to bring their shoes over? Can you guess? She literally squeals when I say shoes.

To top it all off, she also covets my clothes. Specifically, she steals my bras. Today, my bra served as a lacy shawl for her. In the past it has also served as a bonnet, a veil and an odd contraption trapping a random appendage it it's stretchy straps.

Hopefully I have a little more time before she starts refusing clothes. So far she is only interested in investigating the clothes and throwing them around haphazardly. For now.


bmxmom said...

Girls are soooo different from boys :)

Stacie said...

Today DH looked up at me after putting a sweater on DD and gasped, "She just took off her sweater!"

Yep. But she'll drape the tie to my robe over her head. Girls...crazy and wonderful girls.