Saturday, June 30, 2007

Shoot me now. Please. Please!

12:00 am - My husband arrives home from work, goes upstairs to decompress.

1:00 am - Husband is ready to go to bed.

1:15 am - I go to bed and read to help my brain slow down.

2:00 am - I put my book down and try to fall asleep.

2:30 am - My son wakes up and wakes us up.

2:33 am - I put my son back to bed.

2:33:32 am - He's back up.

2:34 am - I put him back down with a stern lecture.

2:35 am - I start reading again to, yet again, help my brain slow down.

3:00 am - I put my book down and try to fall asleep.

3:30 am - You-know-who wakes up again just as I started to doze off.

3:33 am - He's back down.

3:33: 18 am - I don't even make it into my bedroom and he's up again.

3:34 am - I give up and climb in bed with him. Thus begins half an hour of him twitching, kicking, picking up toys, etc until I get thoroughly fed up and leave his room with stern words flung at him.

4:02 am - He's up again. This time I threaten him with Daddy.

4:35 am - Up again and Daddy goes in.

4:36 am - I'm too annoyed to sleep so I begin searching the internet for a good deal on a stun gun.

5:30 am - I lay down and once again try to fall asleep.

6:24 am - He's up again for the day and I start muttering very un-mommy things under my breath.

1 comment:

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

I've found that duct tape works well on these occassions :)

This will not last forever, I promise. I'm the mom of four.