Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Who am I?

Mother of two


Stay at home mom


Those are the words that describe who I am right now.

My children are staying with their grandmother for about a week while we move and the house has been very quiet with them gone. In the midst of packing, I've been able to spend some uninterrupted time reflecting on who I am, where I am in my life and who I used to be.

My identity has changed radically in the past three years while my husband has simply expanded his identity to include father.

My identity used to be very much wrapped up in my career. No career now. So who am I? Is it enough to be a mother? Are my brain cells rebelling and jumping ship? Am I boring? Am I still intelligent? Am I interesting?

I don't want to be someone identified wholly based on the lives of their children. It's not healthy.

So how do I change it?

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